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File + Paint + Cuticles

30 min   £33

Luxury Pedicure

Nails, cuticles, hard skin removal, massage + paint.

60 min   £48

Japanese Pedicure

A superfood complex including beeswax, lanolin, glycerin and natural silicon earth is worked into each nail and buffed vigorously leaving nails brimming with health and the natural gloss of a topcoat polish.

No paint.

60 min   £50

 Shellac Pedicure

Paint is completely dry by the end of treatment, keeps its shine and lasts for up to two weeks. 

60 min   £53

Shellac Pedicure + Removal 

70 min   £58

Shellac Removal + Mini Pedi (no polish)

30 min   £33

Quick Shellac Removal 

15 min   £14

French Polish

+ £10

*We can only remove the Shellac applied in our own manicures.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.

Beauty Treatments East Dulwich 

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