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 File + Paint + Cuticles

25 min   £30

Luxury Manicure

50 min   £45

Japanese Manicure

A superfood complex including beeswax, lanolin, glycerin and natural silicon earth is worked into each nail and buffed vigorously leaving nails brimming with health and the natural gloss of a topcoat polish.

The perfect treatment for weak nails and those on a Shellac / gel break.

50 min   £45

Shellac Manicure

Kinder to your nails than gel, paint is completely dry by the end of treatment, keeps it's shine and lasts for up to two weeks. 

Still protect your nails when doing housework and gardening to ensure long-lasting results.

UV light is used.

50 min   £45

Shellac Manicure + Removal*

60 min   £48

Shellac Removal + Mini Mani (no polish)*

25 min   £28

Quick Shellac Removal*

15 min   £12

*We can only remove the Shellac applied in our own manicures.

 French Polish

+ £10

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.

Beauty Treatments East Dulwich 

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