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All of our  maternity treatments are designed to make

your special journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood

more comfortable, enjoyable and empowering.


Maternity Massage

Pregnancy is a time of wonder, exhaustion,

aches and pains, joy, excitement, fear

and everything in between.

Regular massages throughout your pregnancy and beyond

will  help build up a good amount of relaxation hormones

which in turn will help you enjoy to the full

this magical time of your life.

Tailored to your needs on the day

60 min £85

Maternity Reflexology

A bespoke treatment which can help with common symptoms

such as nausea, morning sickness and lower back pain.


Dr.Boo Healing Hour

This massage is perfect for the post-partum weeks,

nurturing your body's ability to restore.

Aides relaxation helping with bonding, lactation, energy levels and sleep.

60 min   £85

Maternity Facial

Using only REN or Trilogy products this deeply relaxing facial

will help sculpt the face, reducing puffiness, 

through expert massage techniques.

A massive influx of hormones at this time will

have an effect on your skin .

This facial will help you get the best pregnancy 'glow'

whilst sorting out any issues you may have.

£60 min   £85

Maternity Legs

Treat tired and heavy limbs with this massage specially designed to

reduce puffiness and fluid retention, comfort and refresh hardworking legs and feet.

Using Clarins Energizing Emulsion or

our own blend of lavender and grapeseed oil

the refreshing sensation will be instant and long-lasting.

30 min   £50


Massage and reflexology treatments cannot be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.

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