Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment suitable for face and body with no downtime.

It targets loose, sagging skin, jowls, excess fat and cellulite.

The effects are on-going and cumulative.

There will be a visible improvement to the skin after the 1st treatment, long-term visible effects after 3-4 treatments and optimal results after around 3 months.

Certain medical / physical conditions may serve as contraindications to treatment.

Please email for more information.


Full Face

40 min   £120     

Full Face + Neck

45 min   £130

Half Face

35 min   £90

Half Face + Neck

40 min   £120


30 min   £120


30 min   £125


45 min   £140

course of 6  (pay for 5 + 1 free)  £700


45 min   £140


30 mins   £125

3 areas for the price of 2

4 areas for the price of 3

Initially a course of treatments ( 6-10) taken weekly is recommended. 

Top ups thereafter as advised.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.

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